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Born on 24th September,1961 in Paris, François Plisson has three passions since his childhood time : painting, sculpture and music.
From 1979, he dedicates himself to painting which he will be exploring many different ways : Fantastic, animal painting, Custom painting, Matte-paintings for the movie industry.
In 1983 he joins the "Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux Arts" in Paris, but already from 1985 he opts for the Comics.
The year1987 sees the publication of the serie TRISTAN, with the collaboration of Hélène Cornen as scenario-writer.Seven albums will follow, all published by DARGAUD.
From 1993 till 1998, he is a party to several collective works, among which :
- "Pour un monde meilleur" dedicated to the victims of ex-Yugoslavia - AGORMA Publisher / Geneva
- "Animaux sous bulles" published by the Comics Festival of Solliès-Ville, for the reafforestation of burnt down forests
- "Uderzo croqué par ses amis" published by Soleil
- "Chirac dans tous ses états", "Le Père Noël dans tous ses états", "C'est fou le foot sans les règles", all published by Ifrane / Pictoris Studio.
In 1994, together with Alain Duverne, sculptor puppeteer of the "Marionnettes de l'Info", he participates to the realisation of a puppet-movie.
François Plisson distinguishes himself as a talented sculptor, since in 1997 he achieves for the city of Mériel the modelling of Jean Gabin's face, first in plaster, then in resin and finally in bronze, for the JEAN GABIN museum.
In addition, he creates three-dimensional bronze and resin trophys destined to the winners of several Comics Festvals :
- the "TRISTAN D'OR", made following a design of Mohamed Aouamri
- the "BONONIA D'OR", trophy of the Comics Festival of Boulogne-sur-Mer, based on a design of Caza
- the "LOANES SLOANES D'OR", following a design of Philippe Druillet for the Comics Show of Cagnes-sur-Mer
- the sculpture of the "RENE GOSCINNY" prize, bronze ordered by Anne Goscinny, and given every year during the "Salon International d'Angouleme" for the best scenario,
- and finally, "LES MUSES D'OR", original creation for the Comics Show of Antibes-Juan-Les-Pins.
Meanwhile, François Plisson the sketcher has not let down the comics.


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Simultaneously with the 7th TRISTAN, published by DARGAUD in 1995, he starts with Hélène Cornen a new serie, LA TARTARE, published by Soleil. Then, TAANOKI, with two albums published by Casterman, in collaboration with the novelist Jéromine Pasteur in 1999.
In 1996, Franz, who has become a friend, writes for him a custom-made scenario, the first Gallic Western "AKARAD". The first tome, "L'homme qui devint loup", is published in 2003 by Nuclea2, after a 7-year gestation period.
After having received the prize of "La Nuit des Jeunes Créateurs" of the city of Brest in 1987, he is nominated the same year for the best first album at Angouleme with the first TRISTAN.
Recently, in 2002, François Plisson has received the prize "Coup de coeur" for the whole of his productions during the International Comics Festival in Ajaccio.

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The first tome of AKARAD - Scenario : FRANZ - Drawings : Colours : F. PLISSON
June 2003


François Plisson has received the prize Coup de coeur during the International Comics Festival of Ajaccio on 7/12/02. Comics show organised by Frédéric Bertocchini, president of "Case et Bulles", and all his team in Ajaccio.







The prize Coup de coeur is offered by the Company Corse Méditerranéenne.

Fine Arts :

Here are a few examples of oil paintings on canvas by François Plisson.

Animal paintings : bird

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Horse painting with John Witaker and Milton.






Then, his most important sculptures : clay, plaster of Paris, bronze, resin and bronze.




































































For your animated cartoons, caricatures :









Sailling with ... VOP SAILS !!!












The Ric Hochet bust in resin and bronze

(c) Tibet - A.P. Duchateau - François Plisson 2003, limited edition - 206 items together with authentication certificate numbered and signed, out of which 6 not commercialised


http://www.sculptureplisson.com To know more and to place order for the Ric Hochet bust.

Franz Drappier, a true monument of comics, known not only as scenario writer, but also for his great talent of sketcher, has passed away on 8th January,2003 at Le Mans. Franz will remain deep in our hearts. He is a marvellous guide in the universe of the 9th Art for future generations.